Hello there! You have stumbled upon my fanlisting collective for my domain, Royal-Drama.net. This subdomain was created so that you can access all of my fanlistings that are approved by The Fanlistings.org as well as the fanlistings that I have joined. I also now have a wish list, keep in mind (KIM), milestones, & other various pages.

So if you are a fellow fanlisting nerd, please take a look around and feel free to contact me. :)

- Jamie


Current fanlistings: 108
Upcoming fanlistings: 0
Members: 5111 .. and counting
Joined fanlistings: 2276 .. and counting


06.13.2022 - Finally doing my revamp/adoption project I have been meaning to do for a long while. A bunch of my fanlistings are up for adoption until June 26, 2022 and I have emailed the members lists of those up for adoption. I also created a page on here with the current list and you can find that here. I have closed a few listings and revamped a few things on here.

06.01.2021 - Adopted out 9 of my fanlistings to Chrisie!!

01.07.2021- Deleted the fanlisting for Bringing Up Bates for personal reasons.

08.18.2020- It has been FOREVER since I updated here or any of my listings (besides approving members/updating). Dang they need all some work! Updated a few things on here with 4 listings I recently adopted from the awesome Jane. Hopefully more updates coming up soon as I get back into this hobby. :)

02.13.2019- I updated the main site but wanted to post on here that things are on a bit of a hiatus. I will be updating my fanlistings to keep them current but many of them need fixed up and that is currently on hiatus until I switch servers.

03.06.2018- Added 2 new adopted fanlistings (thanks Jessica!!!), Lacey Chabert & Mushu. I have some work to do on several fanlistings so I will be updating whenever I get those done. Stay tuned. :)

01.18.2018 - First update of 2018 and of course it is to add a new fanlisting to the collective. I was super honored to be approved for the Maggie Smith fanlisting!! <3