Hello there! You have stumbled upon my fanlisting collective for my domain, Royal-Drama.net. This subdomain was created so that you can access all of my fanlistings that are approved by The Fanlistings.org as well as the fanlistings that I have joined. I also now have a wish list, keep in mind (KIM), milestones, & other various pages.

So if you are a fellow fanlisting nerd, please take a look around and feel free to contact me. :)

- Jamie


Current fanlistings: 112
Upcoming fanlistings: 0
Members: 4711 .. and counting
Joined fanlistings: 2311 .. and counting


06.07.2017 - Opened Eyeshadow, Paris Geller & Carol Hathaway! All of my pending fanlistings are all done and finished forms are submitted. Now to behave and try not to apply for more...well..for awhile....a few weeks...week....
05.24.2017 - Opened Olivia (Name), Violet (Name) & Katelyn Ohashi! Got all the fanlistings due before I go on vacation done. 3 more to go when I get back. :)
05.20.2017 - Opened Wrapped in Red & Party of Five!
05.11.2017 - Opened Bob's Burgers! I am trying to get as many of my upcoming fanlistings done as fast as I can because I go on a trip soon so I'll be updating a lot this month!
05.10.2017 - Added 2 new fanlistings which are 2 of my favorite childhood movies; Hook & Matilda (1996)!
04.26.2017 - Various sections updated.
04.09.2017 - Added ER & NCAA Women's Gymnastics. I also just went through my joined fanlistings. Various other files have been updated as well.
04.02.2017 - Added The Jungle Book (1967).
03.07.2017 - Added 2 new adopted fanlistings, Little Black Rain Cloud (Winnie the Pooh) & Up, Down, and Touch the Ground (Winnie the Pooh)
03.06.2017- Added 2 new adopted fanlistings, McKayla Maroney & Tootsie Fruit Rolls. Also updated the pending files and added Witch (BtVS 01.03) to the milestone page.